Disney+ is set to debut a new pro wrestling themed show starring Blue Demon Jr. There was an issue getting him in the building because he refused to show his face, because that’s lucha libre tradition.

Dan Carrillo Levy and Eugenio Villamar recently spoke to Wrestling Inc where they discussed the new Disney show they are executive producing. “Ultra Violet & Blue Demon” will star Blue Demon Jr., but his identity had to remain a secret, even in initial meetings.

“The first thing they needed to understand, which is difficult to explain, is that Blue doesn’t take the mask of. It’s a very unique thing about lucha libre. He is the persona, and no one knows his face. Even people that shot the pilot, the executives at Disney [and] the legal team that did the contracts, they don’t know his face.”

“Even to get him into the meetings at Disney, they don’t get to see his face. There was a problem with security in how to get him in. That is the first thing that they need to learn. He’s a living character, which is very unique, and it’s part of what draws us into doing these projects. He lives his life as Blue Demon, and that’s it.”


“It’s not like Batman has Bruce Wayne, and Bruce Wayne has Batman. No, Blue Demon is Blue Demon all the time. So that was the first thing that we had to make them understand and pitch to them and how we would do this show and continue this because obviously, it’s not the case with the girl in the show.”

We’ll have to see how the new Disney show turns out. Any exposure that pro wrestling receives in the greater pop culture landscape like this is going to be a good thing. Hopefully, they will be able to win over some young pro wrestling fans in the process. Blue Demon Jr. is likely going to remain very strict about people not knowing his true identity.

Felix Upton

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