WWE handed down a new edict to Superstars that they aren’t allowed to mention any other company, brand, person, or charity that WWE doesn’t approve. Fines will be handed down and suspensions if this rule is violated.

The company previously handed down an order that all Superstars’ third party business must cease. This caused a huge dent in the income for several Superstars.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer broke down the company’s new policy when it comes to fining Superstars. He explained that there is a fine line that will see a violation handed down, and it’s all about how you word the caption.

“It was explained to me tonight that if they take a photo and they’re eating an Oreo cookie, okay? They could probably get away with eating the Oreo cookie with no problem. No fines, no suspensions, no anything like that, certainly not fired, but if they mention Oreo then that’s going through the fine line. I don’t know if it’s mention or hashtag, but the point is you can’t mention or hashtag.”


WWE Superstars aren’t allowed to give any spotlight to a brand, person, charity, or business that WWE doesn’t want to see get attention. Several people have called out this practice as being controlling, but WWE claims they have this right due to a clause in their Superstars’ contract.

Transcription by Ringside News

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