Natalya is tired of being passed over for opportunities time and time again. She recently sat down to release a powerful promo where The Iron Hart laid out her intentions in gripping detail.

The former WWE Women’s Champion is hungry for that spotlight, and he’s tired of sitting around and waiting for her opportunity. She is also tired of being someone that others step on to get to a higher plateau.

This dimly-lit promo was deadpan and straight to the point. Natalya wasted zero time getting the message across that she is coming for everyone with years of disrespect behind her and a knowledge of how to hurt all of them.

“Maybe it’s WrestleMania season, maybe it’s time in general, but I’m done walking around with a pretend smile on my face. This isn’t something that I thought about or something I planned. The disrespect is something that I feel. I’ve watched all these careers launched off my shoulders and I’ve waved goodbye and wished them all well. All the while I’ve choked in silence watching everyone else get ahead, well I’m done.”


“People always ask, ‘What’s the difference between those who make it and those who don’t?’ Well, I finally realized that those who make it have found the ability to cut throats and sleep well after it. I haven’t slept well in years, but I will now; because I’m telling the world and the women in my locker room that I’m coming for all of you. I’m coming with years of disrespect, anger, and a knowledge of how to hurt you all. Consider yourself warned.”

Nattie then got up and walked off. This was quite an intense promo. It’s too bad they didn’t show it on television, but it still might. The company logo did appear in the corner, so this was, at least, endorsed by WWE.

Transcription by Ringside News

Felix Upton

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