The WWE ThunderDome gives the company some great opportunities for unique presentation. They can edit the show together and pull off stunts like Alexa Bliss magically changing her ring gear, and they can also control the pops and boos that every Superstar receives.

Some undercard talent have grown frustrated with WWE’s practice to pipe in crowd noise. The organic reaction from live fans is not possible with everyone at home.

While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Tyson Kidd, who is currently a WWE producer, revealed that he was the one who suggested that they pipe in that fabricated reaction into the ThunderDome.

“I just asked in the meeting, ‘Is there a way — or does it mess up the production to pipe the noise into the arena? I think it will help the talent.’”

“Then I said that I spoke with a lot of talent from the week before and they all said that was kind of what was missing. Then Kevin was like: ‘Yeah, it’s no problem.‘ So, now they pump it in and I do think it helps a lot.”

The “Kevin” that Wilson spoke about was Kevin Dunn, he holds a ton of clout in WWE and is the most powerful person in the company outside of the McMahon family.

Fans have differing opinions about WWE piping in crowd noise. Hopefully, the world can return to some form of normalcy very soon so we can hear those wonderful “WHAT?” and “CM Punk” chants once again.

Felix Upton

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