Eddie Guerrero passed away far too soon, but WWE continued using his name and likeness long after he left us. They can legally do as they please with Latino Heat’s image.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Shaul Guerrero, Eddie’s daughter, spoke about how she doesn’t watch WWE. She said it’s painful to see that programming for multiple reasons, especially as she was trying to get over her own father’s death.

“I’m going to be very honest, I was so shut out and so numb that after my dad passed, I wasn’t watching WWE. It’s still painful to watch for multiple reasons. It’s not the show I watch on the regular, if you will. And honestly, I was just trying to handle being the girl who’s famous dad died. At school, I was just trying to handle my own sh*t, to be honest.”

She said that even if the Guerrero Family wanted WWE to stop using Eddie’s likeness, there is nothing they can do about it.

“I think we have to be really careful with how we use people’s names and their likeness, especially after they’re gone. Dad, his real name was used, ‘Eddie Guerrero’ is his legit name. And WWE, to this day, still own the rights to his name. So we don’t have a say in anything.”

“Yeah, so make sure if you’re a young wrestler and you’re going to sign a contract, make sure you own the rights to your name. That’s just some good, good advice. Any lawyer will tell you that. Make sure you own the rights to a character you come up with or your own likeness.”

Vickie Guerrero is with AEW now after being blackballed by WWE. Vince McMahon’s company still has the ability to market Eddie Guerrero however they wish which does happen from time to time as his legendary is always sure to bring attention.

Felix Upton

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