The conversation about how modern pro wrestlers compare to past generations is a popular one today. The Undertaker seemed to have sparked that into motion in a big way with his comments that piqued gamers’ curiosity.

Shawn Michaels recently spoke to the Getting Over podcast where he discussed the current crop of pro wrestlers today and how he advises them. He wants them to grow as performers and he also knows that they can’t have the same voice in the ring that he did 25 years ago.

“This generation does it with a lot more sense and sensibility, certainly, than I did. Again, I think they’ve got a nice balance. To answer your question, I do encourage them to push themselves and to continue to evolve and try to grow as performers because I feel like they would get stagnant and, as you say, complacent. look, that’s a delicate balance for them to have to adjust to and they have got to do it on their time.”

“I always make sure to tell them, don’t do it if it’s out of your nature. But if it’s something you passionately feel and think you’re going to feel better, at least expressing it — as long as it’s expressed professionally and well-mannered– Certainly, and NXT everybody’s allowed to have a voice. You just can’t have the voice that I had 25 years ago.”

The debate about how pro wrestlers today stack up against legends of the past will likely continue. Mick Foley also weighed in on the argument where he said that wrestlers today are as tough as any from the past.

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