Vince McMahon is a very complicated person. You never know what might trigger his anger. It turns out that he didn’t want to be told that he looked anything like his brother.

During Shooting Blanks, Ryback revealed a story about how he upset Vince McMahon in a big way. He met Vince’s brother Rod at a pay-per-view, then he told The Chairman that he looked like his brother. That was not what Vince wanted to hear at all.

“Vince, I told you that day at TV at the pay-per-view I was in the dog house with Rybaxel — that’s the punishment part I always joke about. I go to Vince and I go, ‘hey I met your brother Rod today.’ He goes, ‘oh yeah?’ He stopped, I go, ‘yeah, you guys look a lot alike.’ Vince got beat-red, just flames coming out, ‘WE DON’T LOOK ANYTHING ALIKE!’ Then he stormed off. I just remember thinking like ‘what the hell is wrong with you?!”

“There was something there where you don’t wanna look like your brother. Later that night, Vince came and got me, ‘I want you to meet my mom.’ Then he put me in a room with his mom and she tells me, ‘my son is is going to live for a very long time.'”

Ryback’s meeting with Vince McMahon’s mother seemed to go better than it did with his brother. Rod sadly passed away on January 20th, but Vince McMahon’s mother is 99-years-old and still going, even playing tennis into her 90’s.

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