D-Von Dudley has been a part of the pro wrestling business for a very long time. He has witnessed a few changing of the guard situations in the locker room, and he can certainly see a difference in the younger talent today.

The Attitude Era was special for a lot of reasons. It brought a huge focus onto the pro wrestling business as WWE changed with the times. This also created a crop of disrespectful stars.

During Table Talk, D-Von Dudley addressed the new wave of younger talent and how rude and disrespectful they can be. They aren’t all bad, and he also took the time to name some talents who are respectful and don’t fall into that negative category.

“Nowadays in this business, the young guys that are brought up in this business, they are disrespectful. They’re rude. Listen, Generation X, which is my generation, the Attitude Era and all of that, yes, we had attitude, but there is one thing I will say about my generation is that we respect those that came before us.”

“That’s one of the problems that we have with a lot of young talent. Darren (Young), along with a host of other guys, and I’m just going to name them, Drew McIntyre, Rusev, and Sheamus, they always had respect for the older talent that came in and always wanted to pick our brains. It was great being in the locker room with those guys. It really was.”

D-Von Dudley is still a backstage producer in WWE, so he is very familar with the current locker room. He can attest from first-hand experience how much times have changed.

Not all younger stars in the pro wrestling business are rude and disrespectful, but the generation they grew up watching seems to have shaped how they carry themselves backstage.

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