WWE moved NXT from the WWE Network to the USA Network, and that changed everything about the black and gold brand. They received an extra hour of television in the process. If you ask Chris Hero, that changed the entire purpose of the brand.

During the debut episode of Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling, the former WWE NXT Superstar spoke about how the brand changed. The company changed a lot about NXT when they went to weekly live television. This is reflected on a weekly basis and Chris Hero can see that things aren’t the same anymore.

Once they went live weekly they started losing focus of what they wanted from the talent. The first purpose of NXT was to have a television show to get talent ready for the main roster. They ended up with a lucrative deal with Full Sail and they capitalized with the niche fan instead of the casual fan.”

“The success of [NXT], muddies the water with the Performance Center. Are they trying to learn to wrestle so they can be WWE superstars or be for NXT? People say they are the same, they absolutely aren’t the same. They are run by different people who want different things. One of the reasons those with an Independent wrestling background are so successful is because they can adapt to that. When all you know is what you’ve been taught in the Performance Center, it’s hard to throw someone a curveball and it’s difficult for them to make certain adjustments.

WWE moved NXT to the USA Network as a means to counterprogram AEW Dynamite. That changed a lot about how the brand operates, and those differences are pretty apparent when you look at things the way Chris Hero panted them.

Steve Carrier

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