WWE will sometimes change a Superstar’s character around to give them a fresh outlook. This recently happened for Alexa Bliss as she donned darker makeup and a different persona completely. That kind of change isn’t for everyone.

During a recent media call, Charlotte Flair was asked by Metro whether she would consider a darker character like Alexa Bliss has now. The Queen said that it would be very hard to make that transition because of how larger-than-life her current WWE persona already is.

“I think about that all of the time. Like, what would that look like for me? It is scary, right? Because the package of how I see my character is so polished. It really would be, like darker make-up and darker robes, is that a big enough switch?”

“I cannot imagine not having the larger-than-life glamorous entrance, like you know? That is part of it. Once you go so far one way, it is very hard going back the other way, right? So, is it subtle changes?”

You can never say never in WWE. Charlotte Flair is looking to branch out and show more of her abilities as a performer. She made it clear that is what she hopes will come from her recent storyline with Ric Flair and Lacey Evans. We’ll have to see where things lead from here, but don’t expect to see Charlotte Flair take a darker demeanor any time soon.

H Jenkins

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