Paul Heyman developed a reputation in the pro wrestling business for many reasons. He is a great Advocate and Special Counsel, but the tactics of how he operated ECW have been called into question a number of times.

While speaking to Off The SKript, P.N News opened up about his issues with ECW. He seemed to love the experience and the fans, but working with Paul Heyman was a challenge. It was sometimes hard getting money from Heyman and News also called him out for being unreliable.

The final backstabbing moment came when P.N News lost a loser leaves ECW match when he didn’t even know the stipulation ahead of time. That was how ECW fired him.

“Paulie was Paulie. I think he is a tremendous mind, and he did a lot of stuff, but I just found him unreliable and you couldn’t get a hold of him. Trying to work something out and get money in hand was a problem at times. For me, that was a bigger issue than anything.”

“I was flying out of Atlanta in those days. Finally, I just said I’ll move back to Nebraska and do some stuff and then finally they just…I don’t know, I guess I didn’t even know it, but it was a loser leaves town match in Atlanta where I got let go from ECW. and they didn’t even tell me it was a loser leaves town. Yeah, pretty backstabbing kind of thing.”

ECW made memories with fans all over the world. It also carved out a place in pro wrestling history that will never be forgotten. Through all of the great stories that bring back nostalgia, there are always seemingly going to be tales like this one about how Paul Heyman had to run the company to stay afloat in such turbulent waters.

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