Everyone has their breaking point, and it took a lot for Kofi Kingston to reach his. When it finally happened, he let loose in a very unconventional way.

During a recent episode of New Day: Feel The Power, the entire episode was dedicated to bathroom stories. Although they did talk about defecation, Kingston shared one story about urination that was rather comical.

The former WWE Champion told a story about sticking behind at the venue one time to use the bathroom. Then he discovered that every single toilet in the bathroom had pee all over the seat. This is when he finally snapped and let it go.

“This is a lifetime’s worth building where there is pee on all the seats and I cannot stand it. So, you know what I did? This is a confession, I said, ‘You know what? I’m just going to do it too.’ It was my turn!”

“That’s right, I did it! I went to the toilet seat and pissed all over that seat with conviction and purpose because I was tired of it. Why am I the only one that always has to go clean up the pee? I have spent my entire life getting the pee into the bowl — if anything ever gets on the seat, I’ll clean it up. Not that time. I think it was in Barcelona, and I did it on purpose. I pissed all over the toilet seat.”

Kofi Kingston obviously isn’t alone in peeing on public toilet seats. Others are obviously doing it too, but they’re just not copping to it. At least Kofi Kingston was able to air out this dirty little secret.

H Jenkins

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