Jon Moxley had a unique entrance when he was 1/3 of The Shield in WWE. AEW allowed him to walk in through the crowd as well. Since the company has been at Daily’s Place, they are allowing him to enter from whichever direction he likes.

Last week on Dynamite, Jon Moxley entered Daily’s Place from the parking lot area. He then had a match against Nick Comoroto, a new-comer who they said looked like Bruiser Brody on commentary.

During The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager said Moxley looked like “a balding plumber walking in from the parking lot.” He might not have been too impressed with Moxley’s look, but Cornette praised Nick Comoroto’s appearance.

“In-ring intros where nobody has ever heard of one guy, just out of nowhere. So, Jon Moxley is going to wrestle Nick Comoroto who has a ton of potential, is built like a f*cking beast and has hair and muscles and he looks rough. You can tell he’s green, but they had a basic match. It wasn’t one of the Moxley matches where they go outside and do all the garbage death match wrestling outside that he always does. He didn’t do all that stupid sh*t on the inside. He kept it basis with this guy who’s green. So, Nick held his end up.”

“However, visually if you would have put this match in a vacuum in front of somebody you’d say Nick Comoroto is the star and Jon Moxley is the job guy.”

Nick Comoroto is just getting started in AEW, but he has a ton of potential. His match was seemingly pulled from AEW Dark this week, but fans will probably see him perform again in AEW soon.

We’ll have to see if Jon Moxley responds to Jim Cornette’s criticisms about his look. Odds are he really doesn’t care what Cornette has to say about his ring gear.

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