The Undertaker recently caused a lot of attention when he said that modern day pro wrestlers are soft. He said that locker rooms used to be full of guns and knives, but now wrestlers are just playing video games. Joey Janela took exception to that, and he had an interesting response.

AEW’s Bad Boy fired back at The Undertaker with a sarcastic tweet. He plans on buying a PS5 just so he can bury it to show allegiance to The Undertaker’s BSK group.

I’m gonna buy a PlayStation 5, and immediately Bury it in the dirt to show my allegiance to the BSK & Legends of locker room past…

The Undertaker received replies from Xavier Woods and others. He might not have intended on that comment causing such a storm, but The Deadman certainly caused a lot of attention on the Joe Rogan Experience with that little musing about modern day pro wrestling.