Layla retired from WWE after a long career paving the way for future women in the company. She was also the final WWE Women’s Champion before they introduced the Divas Title. Her win did not go over very well with fans.

While speaking to Ring The Belle, Layla discussed that May 10th, 2010 victory over Beth Phoenix in Buffalo. Layla was able to retain that title for 133 days before the title was retired.

The fans in Buffalo were “crickets” when Layla picked up her big win. She understands because it took place in Beth Phoenix’s hometown. In fact, several people backstage couldn’t believe that Layla was going to win either.

When I won the title, I’m not kidding you, you could’ve heard cricket. They couldn’t believe it, and it was in Beth Phoenix’s hometown. I didn’t know what to expect going out there. When I got told I was gonna win the title that night, everyone was like, “come on, like what?” I was still new and stuff like that. It was just a great night, and I wasn’t even upset that the crowd didn’t react. I was just more grateful, humbled.

The WWE Women’s Title was retired after Michelle McCool, who was unofficially co-reigning with Layla, defeated Melina to unify the Women’s Title with the Divas Title. Layla’s win was a big surprise for a lot of people, but this is just another example of WWE booking someone to lose in their hometown to draw guaranteed heat.
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