Brock Lesnar doesn’t come around WWE much, but when he is around people want to work with him. Even if they’re spending a single segment in the ring, it’s worth it to be involved with The Beast Incarnate.

While speaking with Table Talk, Heath Slater recalled a segment with Lesnar from 2016. He pitched to give Brock Lesnar one good punch in the face, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Slater ran into a clothesline.

“I really just wanted to give Brock Lesnar one punch, and that was it. Paul was like, ‘If you hit Brock, then you really have to hit him.’ Dude, whatever I know how to throw a punch, I would have made it look good. Brock says, ‘I don’t give a damn about your kids,’ BOOM! And then he kills me. The fans would have loved it. That’s all I pitched.”

Brock Lesnar is protected in WWE, and the company doesn’t want him looking weak. It’s hard to tell why WWE nixed the idea of Heath Slater giving Lesnar a punch in the face, but they obviously just wanted Lesnar to tell Heath that he’s “pissing him off” before destroying him.

The main point that was made through the whole thing is that Brock Lesnar “doesn’t give a sh*t about your kids.”

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