The Shield split up and Roman Reigns kept the stable’s music. The company dropped the “Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta” intro, but everyone knew there that music came from. Reigns is looking for a change.

We previously reported that Roman Reigns revealed new WWE entrance music is on the way. This is not a process that can be rushed.

While speaking to Bleacher Report, Reigns also revealed that he was never really a fan of The Shield’s entrance music back in the day either. This is something he does not want to recreate with his new music.

The Shield music, I wasn’t even into it back in the day, but over the years it just started working. You just get so used to something I just kinda timed my pace to it.”

That entrance music did become a part of The Big Dog’s character, but he is The Tribal Chief now. Perhaps his new entrance music will reflect the complicated nature of his new WWE persona. At least it might cause Roman Reigns to change up his pace as he makes his way to the ring.

Transcription by Ringside News

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