Vince McMahon has booked tons of television during his decades in the pro wrestling business. He has a lot more faith in some ideas than others.

During Off The SKript, Vince Russo opened up about two WWE storylines that Vince McMahon booked while knowing they would fail. Jim Cornette was pulling for them, so McMahon let it happen.

Cornette managed Jeff Jarrett during the NWA invasion of WWE in 1998. Then he joined Bart Gunn and Bob Holly to form the New Midnight Express. Those angles went through even though Vince McMahon knew they were doomed.

“That was another rib, bro. That was another rib where Cornette would sit in the meetings and talk about Midnight and Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and all that stuff, and Vince was like, ‘Okay, fine, we’ll put that out there and it’ll fall flat on its face.’ That’s how a lot of it works. There’s always a reason for everything, bro.”

Vince McMahon also booked Chainsaw Charlie as a rib on Jim Cornette. It turns out that McMahon might use his booking for more than just entertaining his fans. He also might enjoy making a point out of the situation if the mood strikes him. That seems to have been the reason behind the New Midnight Express.

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