Jim Ross has a wealth of knowledge to share, and some people are more than happy to listen. Others would rather send snarky tweets after Ross makes a comment they don’t like.

Ross is not going to shy away from sharing his opinion about anything, especially if he sees something that can be improved. He wants AEW to have the best product in the business and he realizes the potential that their stars have.

While speaking to Wrestling Observer Radio, Jim Ross revealed that he has spoken to AEW talents about selling. He explicitly mentioned a conversation he had with Top Flight where they let him know that they understood the situation, and they are looking at great examples to influence them as well.

“So, I’m really excited about where we’re headed and where we’re going. I like the youth, I’m trying to learn things. The new techniques and styles and things. I’m still a big believer in selling and if there’s one thing that I think, in my opinion — not endorsed by the company, in my opinion the one thing we can all do better is sell and it’s that simple, how you sell.”

“You know, I talked to those two kids, Top Flight, and they’re like, ‘Well we watched Ricky Morton sell.’ I said, ‘that’s beautiful! Watch how he sells at different levels and at different times and you’re in the money!’ But, you’re never going to be 6-foot-three, 300 pounds. Utilize your time and sell to your advantage in that respect, and they got it. Selling’s not a sign of weakness. Selling is a sign of a great worker. Don’t you want to be know as a great worker? Of course! Then sell! Learn how to sell. Learn when to sell. So, I’m really having the time of my life to be honest with you.”

Pro wrestling can be very fast-paced in the modern era, but it’s always important to pace yourself. Slowing down a match for a few minutes, so someone can sell a move, can also make the difference between a good match and a great one. The amount of selling could also limit the overall abuse that a wrestler has to endure in the ring, because if selling each move gives them more meaning.

Some people understand what Jim Ross is trying to say, and that will likely benefit them in big ways down the line.

Transcription by Ringside News

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