The Ultimate Warrior sadly passed away right after he reconciled with WWE, but he died a Hall of Famer. During his career, Warrior ruffled a lot of feathers including the very first WWE Hall of Famer ever inducted: Andre The Giant.

Inside SKoop recently spoke to Jacques Rougeau, who was The Mountie in WWE. Rougeau saw how Andre the Giant really was around the Ultimate Warrior, and he can attest that The Warrior was hard to get along with.

Despite all of the heat on The Ultimate Warrior from Andre the Giant, the Warrior never stepped up to the big man. In fact, The Mountie believes that Warrior was actually afraid Andre would do something about their problem.

“Yeah, Ultimate Warrior had a lot of heat with Andre, you mean. Ultimate Warrior had a lot of heat with a lot of people. Ultimate Warrior was a guy who was hard to work with in the ring and he had an attitude like he was one of the most important things in the business when he came.”

“I was there in those days and I remember, but never, ever Ultimate Warrior got up in front of Andre to try [to fight]. As a matter of fact, I think Ultimate Warrior was very afraid that Andre would make a move.”

The Ultimate Warrior and Andre the Giant never threw down in the locker room, but they had plenty of matches in the ring. Andre tried his best to work with the Warrior, a younger Superstar whose charisma greatly outweighed any in-ring ability.

Andre the Giant wasn’t the only Superstar who had beef with The Ultimate Warrior, but he was likely the biggest. It’s no wonder if The Warrior was a bit intimidated.

Felix Upton

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