WWE has brought back many Superstars in the past, and some of them aren’t treated the same way. Sometimes fans will say that WWE is petty regarding how they book some people. Former WWE referee Mike Chioda has seen that treatment first-hand.

During his weekly program on Ad Free Shows, Mike Chioda spoke about how WWE will sometimes re-hire someone. If they want to get any kind of revenge for something that happened in the past, then it’s not unheard of for that to happen.

“Sometimes it’s a money thing. It’s not even who does the job, I think it’s all about the money. I’ve known guys who were in the company and they may have done something wrong years ago or did the company wrong. If they want to get you, they have to hire you back to get you if that makes sense.” 

“Once they hire you back, then they can get you. Now they can do what they want with you. Do they want to job you out every week? Do they want you to look stupid? I’ve heard things go down. Unfortunately, sometimes you see somebody that buried the company every which way and talk sh*t about the company.” 


“You think to yourself, that guy will never be back. People who say I’ll never be back, I tell them never say never in this business. If there’s money to be made five years down the road with this guy again, Vince will hire him back. He will make the money and then decide what to do with him after that.”

Some fans wonder why WWE would bring a Superstar back just to bury them. Each situation is different, but Vince McMahon can do whatever he wants; because he’s the one signing the pay checks. This is a question best served for The Chairman himself, but Mike Chioda can certainty attest that it has happened.

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