2020 was a tough year for a lot of people. Rikishi recently revealed a story that is heartbreaking to hear. Sadly, his story is similar to so many who had to endure the same situation during this trying time.

Table Talk with D-Von recently had Rikishi on the show where he revealed something very sad, and very personal. His father passed away on October 4th due to COVID-19. This is a sad event that most fans had no idea that happened.

Due to the pandemic, they could not gather for his father’s passing. He had to say goodbye to his own father over an iPad. This is how Rikishi watched his father pass away.

“My father got hit with the COVID-19 on October the 4th. He’d been in the hospital for two months and finally, he laid to rest on October the 4th. I celebrated my brother, Umaga, he passed away December the 4th. My last name has four letters, F-A-T-U. Fatu in English means heart.”


“I sit and I think about it. I missed him and I was so lost when I lost my father. I start to think about what I could have done better. What could I have done to even try to save him? The most difficult time for me was to watch my father take his last breath to a damn iPad.”

“I think about all what’s happening that has led that moment up to that, to where I was denied the access to hold my father’s hand. I was denied the access to be there with him to his last dying breath. It makes me wonder, D-Von, that we’re not through yet. There’s something here for us that we have not done, my brother.”

“So, what I’m saying to everyone that’s got hit with this COVID-19 that’s going through some hard times, keep going onward, upward. Keep going forward because there is something that’s ahead for you that needs to be accomplished in your life. So, with love and respect, to all of you out there listening, thank you guys.”

The COVID-19 pandemic broke up millions of families all around the world in the last year. This virus now has a vaccine, but it will be a long time before any real light is seen at the end of that tunnel. We will remain hopeful that in a very short amount of time the world can return to some form of normalcy again.

Our thoughts continue going out to anyone suffering an awful situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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