Renee Paquette bid WWE farewell after SummerSlam, and she worked in many different facets of the company. She spent a year on the commentary desk during WWE RAW and, although she made history, Paquette still had a very trying experience.

While speaking to Getting Over podcast, Renee Paquette went into her time on the RAW commentary table. She said that Corey Graves and Michael Cole didn’t need a third person at their desk. She found herself “very elbows up” and fighting for her time on the air each week.

“It’s not for a lack of rapport with them, obviously, but once we got into that environment, it felt very elbows up. I had to fight for my time on air there. I think that was a lack of trust from other people.”

“The other thing I felt was really difficult for me was being the third person on a broadcast. I’m used to being the first person on a broadcast. Even to be second is one thing. Once it got to the third and Cole and Graves – they never needed a third person. They just fill that time, so when I would jump in there, it’s like, ‘F*ck, they already said all the things.’”


Renee Paquette was forced to learn how to operate using WWE approved sound bites in front of an audience of millions. It was a very daunting task, but the former Renee Young pressed on and made the most of her position.

She was eventually moved from that commentary role to the host of WWE Backstage, a gig that fit her much better. When WWE Backstage went away, Paquette took that opportunity to make her exit. Now she can look back in retrospect and see the incredible journey she went through with WWE.

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