The #SpeakingOut movement called out many names throughout the pro wrestling industry for a number of things. The practice of abusing power and not having anyone for victims to lean on is over. The mission was to create a safer space in the pro wrestling industry, and British wrestling was hit very hard with many allegations.

Pete Dunne recently spoke to the Daily Star where he discussed the #SpeakingOut Movement and all it accomplished. The movement left some holes in British pro wrestling as prominent figures from the industry were called out as part of the allegations.

The COVID-19 pandemic was already raging by the time the #SpeakingOut movement came around. The business was already frozen because they couldn’t have any live shows. When they can re-open, the pieces will have to be sorted out.

Dunne hopes that they can move back to normal, and he praised the #SpeakingOut movement for moving all the way to the Parliamentary level where some real change might be enacted.


“It was horrible to hear these stories come out and everything that came with that because British wrestling was, alongside my own career, something I was trying to build. The whole time, I was trying to give back as much as I could, but with the pandemic and, of course, the Speaking Out stuff, that combination has really hurt British wrestling.”

“That doesn’t mean that it’s all over for British wrestling. Things are starting to move back to normal and [Speaking Out] is now at a Parliamentary level which is great.”

“I was doing the best I could, and so were a lot of people, but it’s above us, and we need people who actually know how to make the correct changes. I am glad it is in their hands… hopefully from here it can only move in the right direction and people are aware of the changes that need to be made. Fingers crossed, in a year’s time, British wrestling looks completely different.”

The #SpeakingOut movement saw a wave of victims come forward to stand up for themselves. Some of the accused fought their allegations, but a number of them are now paying for the those actions after being called out publicly.

The world is still putting itself together in a number of ways, but Pete Dunne is confident that British pro wrestling will be able to rebound as well, and it will be a better place. It still did quite a bit of damage to the British pro wrestling scene that will now have to repair.

Felix Upton

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