Gerald Brisco was responsible for recruiting many top Superstars to WWE. This is a service that Vince McMahon told him was no longer needed when he called Brisco up to fire him. During his run as WWE recruiter, Brisco brought in Brock Lesnar, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out that The Beast Incarnate was the Next Big Thing.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Gerald Brisco spoke about recruiting Brock Lesnar, who didn’t speak much at all, but Brisco knew by Lesnar’s size and ability that he had what it took to became a top Superstar for the company.

“Well, number one, it did take a damn nuclear scientist to figure out this guy had what it takes to be a WWE star in college especially. If you got three words out of Brock Lesnar, you were getting a great conversation out Brock Lesnar,” Brisco revealed. “I was a personal friend [and] I was a teammate at Oklahoma State University and in the same recruiting class as his college coach. I saw Brock when he was a junior in college, and he lost in the national championship, but he was still a beast. He shouldn’t have lost, but he did.”

“I got a mental picture of him there of what could transpire, but I knew he was a junior, and there was no way in hell I was gonna call one of my best friends from college and say, ‘Hey, I want your guy.’ But I think I called Jay [Robinson]. I said, ‘Jay, I know Brock is a junior, but I want him for WWE,’ and he said, ‘I’ll tell you what I’ll do, if you give me your word, he got one more year here. If you give me your word that you won’t distract Brock,’ because Jay Robinson told me this himself, ‘Brock is easily distracted because he wants to do so many things.’ As we found out later in life, he jumped from UFC to WWE and back and forth like that. Yeah. He said, ‘I give you my word. Next year when he finishes the National Championship, within a week after he wins that National Title, I’ll have him in my office, and I’ll put you on line with him. And I’ll talk to him beforehand. I’ll make sure he’s nailed out for you before you even call. I might even have a bonus for you,’ and he did have a bonus.”


“And that bonus turned out to be Shelton Benjamin. So I got two on one phone call. I got the greatest athletes to pass through WWE through my friend Jay Robinson. I got Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar, but it didn’t take a brain surgeon to know that this guy had what it took. Sure enough, he did.”

Brock Lesnar did end up getting distracted for a bit as he joined the UFC and tried an NFL run, but he did eventually circle back to WWE. Now his WWE contract has run out and many are wondering when he will be back.

If it weren’t for Gerald Brisco’s recruiting ability, then WWE fans might have never gotten to know Lesnar as they did.

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