Xavier Woods is 1/2 of the RAW Tag Team Champions, but he knows that WWE can’t last forever. He has an exit plan that was inspired by so many he saw come before him.

During the recent episode of New Day: Feel The Power, Xavier Woods said that he’s been trying to figure out his exit plan since getting into pro wrestling. He heard about veterans who didn’t save their money, and he doesn’t want that to be him.

“Straight up, since I got into wrestling, I’ve been trying to figure out what my exit plan is. Just talking to veterans and hearing from them about that they may not have saved their money and they are now trying to figure out what the next chapter of their life looks like and they are nervous because wrestling is winding down and they don’t know what to do next.”

D-Von Dudley provided great advice to Woods as he told him to “be yourself.” Xavier Woods took that advice and ran with it in a big way.

“Hearing so many stories like that, they definitely inspired our whole generation to want more than what we are frantically fighting for. We should want everything, not just this one thing. Props to them, especially guys like D-Von (Dudley), who led the way for me and told me to believe in myself and do what I feel I need to be doing.”

“Also, what I’m hoping this does is open the world to their eyes of entertainment or whatever somebody is into, that there is a group of people called professional wrestlers. We learn these incredible skills that nobody can learn anywhere else besides wrestling. Learning how to have a full three page script memorized five minutes before you walk out because somebody just handed it to you or knowing you have 10 minutes to do something when you get up there and you are almost done with it, they say now you have 17 minutes. Nobody can adapt to things like we can on this Earth. I’m hoping that I can go there, do a good job and hopefully people will like it and say, hey, there are other people with this skill set that we can pull from wrestling. I hope it opens doors for so many people in wrestling and people don’t want to just put us in a box anymore.”

Xavier Woods just snagged a dream job hosting on G4. He is also allowed to use his WWE name during that hosting gig which is very interesting.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Xavier Woods, but it seems like he built up quite a contingency plan just in case pro wrestling goes away, which is highly doubtful at this point.

Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote

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