Liv Morgan tried a lot of ideas when she was stuck in catering after the Riott Squad’s split. She didn’t appear on television for a very long time, but she was always trying new things.

There was a time when Morgan had some fans a bit worried. She was seen in a video sitting in the rain, and it was a very depressing scene. That was all part of her plan.

While speaking to Fox Sports, Liv Morgan revealed a rejected pitch she made to WWE. She wanted a darker character, but they weren’t about that.

I basically wanted to use the experiences I’ve gone through, the struggles of my childhood and kind of use the character that I was trying to create as an outlet to express the darker feelings that I was feeling. The more sad emotions that I was feeling. 


So, I wanted to use this character as an outlet to express, maybe, suppressed emotions, you know? I just wanted to use this character as an outlet to show an opposite spectrum of Liv, you know? 

But, I’m very happy and bubbly and I just wanted the pitch for it to come on the opposite spectrum of that.

Liv Morgan reunited with Ruby Riott, and the two have a lot to prove. This is a new chapter for Morgan as she returned to her WWE roots in a way. Sarah Logan is no longer with them, but she is rooting them on from home.

Paul Heyman was a big fan of Liv Morgan’s, and he had some WrestleMania plans for her that obviously didn’t happen. We might someday see a darker Liv Morgan character, but she seems to be having fun with Ruby Riott right now.

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