The Undertaker is known for his extensive collection of tattoos. He has so many that many have lost count, but he will always remember his first.

While speaking to Steve Austin during the new Broken Skull Sessions, The Undertaker revealed a very interesting story about his first tattoo. There were tons of Hell’s Angels around to watch him get that ink because they were very curious to see how he would do in Smiling Paul’s chair.

The Undertaker got zero days off so his tattoo could heal. He faced The Ultimate Warrior the next day, and that didn’t go as he planned either.

“This was my very first tattoo, it was in Las Vegas. Paul Bearer was with me. We went straight from the arena to here. The artist’s name was Smiling Paul. What you can’t see is pretty much everything from the left of me on [in the photo]. The rest of the room was Hell’s Angels. Word got out that Undertaker was there and they wanted to see how I would do with my first tattoo. It was no small tattoo, it took up pretty much my whole forearm. So everybody’s there. Everybody’s parting and having a good time. That session went on for around eight hours.”

“Smiling Paul man, he was a grinder. He put [the ink] in deep, and he’d wipe hard, and he’d put [the ink] in deep. We went there to my hotel room just to get my bag and go to the airport and I had a double shot the next day. I remember my arm being swollen. I had no sleep and I remember telling, I was working with Hellwig at the time — Warrior. I said ‘Jim my arm’s blown up, just try not to hit my arm, alright?’ We were five seconds into the match and he grabbed hold of my arm and I’m like ‘oh good lord, this is going to be a long day.'”

The Undertaker got a lot more tattoos in the years to come. He didn’t wrestle Ultimate Warrior after every tattoo session, and that is probably for the best. The Deadman certainly won’t forget his first ink thanks to The Ultimate Warrior and the Hells Angels who were there to watch him get it done.

You can check out a clip of The Undertaker retelling the story of getting his first tattoo below.

Transcription by Ringside News

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