Contestant On John Cena’s New Show ‘Wipeout’ Dies


John Cena has a lot of things on his plate, and one of those projects was host of the revamped Wipeout show. That taping turned tragic today.

TMZ reports that a man died after completing one of Wipeout’s inflatable courses.

The man was experiencing chest pains and needed medical attention. Then he was treated on-site until paramedics could arrive. He suffered cardiac arrest, and was taken to the hospital. Sadly, he died.

Law enforcement say they received a cardiac arrest call before noon on Wednesday. Medics on the Wipeout set were already using a defibrillator on the male contestant when paramedics arrived.

Wipeout has safeguards and precautions in place on their set. It was reported that:

For example, every ‘Wipeout’ contestant undergoes medical exams before participating. There are also 2 paramedics on-site, plus a safety producer and paramedic coordinator.

Wipeout received a reboot on TBS, with hosts John Cena and Nicole Byer, after a well-received run on ABC. This is a tragic event, and our thoughts go out to everyone involved in this awful situation.

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