Bella Twins’ Mother Kathy Laurinaitis Gives Update After Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis

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Nikki and Brie Bella’s mother Kathy Laurinaitis was diagnoses with Bell’s Palsy, and she has an update. The Bella Twins conducted a little phone call with their mother to let fans know how she is doing.

Kathy Laurinaitis has to undergo brain surgery in June of this year. The Bella Twins’ mother seemed to have a very positive outlook on her current situation. She also commented how wearing a mask in public was great because “nobody knows what is going on” with her.

Laurinaitis said that 5% of people don’t fully recover from Bell’s Palsy. It is still a constant stress for her, but she said that her condition has gotten better in the past three weeks even.

This interview took place prior to the Bella Twins’ book’s release. Kathy said that she had that book to read, and Nikki informed her that there are a couple of stories in that book that she never told her mother.

Hopefully, Kathy Laurinaitis’ condition continued to improve since this video was shot. Our thoughts are with the Bella Twins’ mother as she continues.

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