AEW has presented a different kind of pro wrestling product since opening their doors. This comes with new standards that fans should expect, but they aren’t getting all of the drama that they’ve been conditioned to see.

During his media conference before Full Gear, Cody Rhodes was asked about the Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose match on the show. There is a criticism that the company didn’t do a lot to build that match. Cody explained that an angle doesn’t have to start with an “invisible camera” in catering. They are going to put on a great match between the two of them and Cody is confident of that.

“I personally am not disappointed because my outlook on wrestling is there’s a wrestling ring, and we have wrestlers, and we have rankings, and there will be matches. I do understand that for the last 20 years, fans have been conditioned to think that every match is going to start with an invisible camera in a piece of cake in catering, and someone takes that last piece of cake and now there’s drama, now there is a ‘storyline’. In our case – sports centric – we’re right back to it. I meant it when I said it.”

“I hope folks aren’t disappointed when they get this actual wonderful match between two incredible female performers. Shida, there is no one better. No one better than Shida, and I’m talking about our women’s division/our men’s division. But I am aware that for 20 years, they’ve been conditioned to every match needs to have a warranted story connected to it. That will not be the case with AEW. We have wrestling matches because we’re a wrestling show. It’s in the title, and I hope if there was any disappointment in the build, there will be no disappointment in the execution.”


We’ll have to see if Hikaru Shida can hold onto the title that Nyla Rose wants back so badly. The two both have a lot to prove at Full Gear. It should be an exciting show and we welcome you to check out more information on the event here.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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