Charly Caruso On WWE Dropping Romantic Storyline With Angel Garza


WWE changes plans all the time for varying reasons. Sometimes an angle will get tweaked, but the company can also drop it entirely.

One fan named Josh tweeted out while tagging WWE, Angel Garza, and Charly Caruso. He said “I know WWE just randomly stops storylines, but what happened to the Angel Garza and Charly Caruso storyline, just disappeared one day?”

Caruso saw this tweet in her mentions and replied. She didn’t have much of a reason to give, but she did confirm that her storyline with Angel Garza was, in fact, something that “also randomly stopped” in WWE.

The company is booking week to week with no real plan for the future. Ringside News ran an exclusive report on what is to blame for this, but nothing is changing right now. Maybe they’ll circle back to Angel Garza macking on Charly Caruso, but for now it seems they gave up on the idea.

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