WWE went through massive cuts on April 15th. They cut a lot of Superstars and even more people behind the scenes. Jake Hager was with AEW as he saw that happen and he’s not happy about it.

Stephanie McMahon sent out a tweet praising WWE for their hard work which made WWE the “2020 Corporation of the Year” at the PR News CSR & Nonprofit Awards. She said that it is WWE’s mission to put smiles on people’s faces and it couldn’t be possible without everyone’s hard work.

Jake Hager fired back a tweet at WWE which started with “LMAO.” Then he accused WWE for lying about their 37 million dollar quarterly profit so they could “fire over 300 people” during a pandemic.

Lmao. I guess lying about over 37 million in quarterly profits , so you can fire over 300 people, during a worldwide pandemic is a category for an award?

WWE does a lot of community outreach and nonprofit work. They also rack in a lot of revenue and they did cut a lot of people in the last year while all other pro wrestling companies were able to get by without releases across the board.

H Jenkins

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