Ricochet Addresses Those Who Say Strength Isn’t His Thing

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Ricochet has a few doubters, but he is happy to prove them wrong whenever he can. That was the case recently as he went to the gym with Moose for leg day and the Impact Wrestling star released a video.

The video that Moose dropped showed a side-by-side comparison with the One And Only going rep for rep with him. Moose said it was a “killer leg day” and he gave Ricochet props for getting stronger.

Ricochet then replied to the video as he seemed to address a criticism that he’s heard for a while.

“Strength isn’t your thing”

Don’t let any one tell you what your thing is.

Ricochet might have some people come down on him for his size, but his strength is apparent. He will continue on and prove doubters wrong which seems to be something he gets a kick out of.

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