Kevin Nash Shoots On Modern Pro Wrestlers: ‘Nobody Sells Sh*t’


Kevin Nash came from a different era of pro wrestling and he saw the times change before his eyes. This caused him to see something wrong with the current generation: they don’t sell.

Nash is a big man who knew how to play that role in the ring. While speaking to That Hashtag Show, Nash explained that nobody sells anything like they’re supposed to anymore.

He also brought up how guys kick out of too many difficult pinning situations. He’s obviously not a fan of multiple near falls after a match.

“Nobody sells shit. To me, it’s just like nobody sells anything. To us, it was always to sell and get the double downs and the falses. Now with guys kicking out on one on moonsaults…..I also don’t want to be the guy – I remember guys that were our agents when we broke in saying ‘Kid, we used to do 60 minutes through’ and you watch 60 minutes through and they’re in a headlock for 48 minutes of it. Everything evolves. I think sometimes the women have better psychology than the guys do.”

Kevin Nash doesn’t have a role with a pro wrestling company where he is teaching or training, but he probably could. It certainly sounds like Big Kev has plenty of advice to impart to the next generation of professional wrestlers.

Thanks to 411 Mania for the quote

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