Tony Deppen Reveals Positive COVID-19 Test Result


The world is still in the middle of a pandemic, and a few indie wrestlers came forward to disclose positive test results. Now Tony Deppen has come forward to tell his story.

Deppen revealed that he has received a positive test result for COVID-19. He urged fans not to be “dumb” and get a test. He said that everyone he was around last weekend has negative test results.

He “feels like death,” but he’s not bummed out about his positive test result. He also feels like “sh*t” for making his wife cancel their baby shower.

Covid results came back positive. If you’re dumb and didn’t already get one, get one. Thankfully everyone I was around all weekend all had negative results – even the people I was in a car with for 9 hours. I guess I am just the lucky one.

I’ve been by myself for the last week, so half through, before I get another one.

I’m not bummed about much over it, other than I actually felt like death. However, I feel like shit on a personal level, because this is forcing my wife and I to cancel our baby shower.

And out of everything; that is the hardest thing for me to accept.

If you’re not get tested, or lying about your results you can kindly fall off a bridge.

Tony Deppen was also involved in The Collective shows. Joey Janela made a point to let everyone know that GCW will continue to run shows while using all the safety protocol they can.

We’re sending out our best to Tony Deppen and everyone else dealing with the results of this awful pandemic.

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