Cash Wheeler Still Not Sorry For Ruining New Day’s Ice Cream Cart


WWE split up The New Day during the 2020 Draft. The three left a lasting impression on the pro wrestling world during their time as a faction. Cash Wheeler will never forget the time The Revival got to work with them.

Cash Wheeler sent out a heartfelt tweet to The New Day. It was in reply to a post from WWE which thanked each member individually. Wheeler did not apologize for ruining the New Day’s ice cream cart while praising them for being three of the best dudes he’s ever met.

Three of the best dudes I’ve ever met. Guys who went out of their way to help others any chance they got. Still not sorry about the ice cream cart, though.

The New Day split up, but Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are still together. It’s not impossible to believe that the stable will reunite down the line for another run of matches and merchandise. Until that happens we can only thank them for everything they’ve done so far.

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