The Forgotten Sons only received a few weeks on SmackDown with zero live fans present prior to Jaxson Ryker’s tweet that blew up in controversy. Steve Cutler still feels as though the faction was better understood on the main roster than in NXT.

Ryker, Cutler, and Wesley Blake haven’t been seen on WWE television in months. There is some hope that they will return, but there’s no indication how soon it will be. Jaxson Ryker might not be in the group anymore either.

Steve Cutler recently appeared on the ‘Borne to Battle’ podcast where he discussed the differences between NXT and SmackDown. During their short time on the main roster Cutler seemed to enjoy it more than the black and gold brand.

“No, so it’s kinda funny with — it’s kinda funny with creative since we’ve been called up. It’s been better communication than we had in NXT. Not saying it was bad in NXT but it has just kinda been more hands-on to where we can be there to talk and a lot of the verbiage they would give us from the scripts were very like, ‘Oh wow, this is actually kinda something I would say’ but then we reform it into how we would speak it and say it and we’d send it back and they come back.”

“They’d be like, ‘Oh, Mr. McMahon wants you to say this so if you can get this line in there,’ and it’s just one of those things where you’re working back and forth and it’s like no problem. But, they kinda got the gist of us, I feel main roster on SmackDown, creative had more of an understanding of what to do with us than NXT because it’s just a — both NXT, SmackDown and RAW are all different. NXT is more wrestling based and kind of getting a character out there, but more or less everything is based on wrestling where RAW and SmackDown is the entertainment part of WWE.”

We’ll have to see how long it takes for the Forgotten Sons to return. The WWE Draft seemed like the perfect opportunity, but it didn’t happen. Fans could be treated to a surprise return sooner or later. The big question is if they will return as a duo after dropping their controversial third member.

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