Kevin Owens Explains Why He’s Comfortable With WWE Touring Again

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Kevin Owens was the Superstar who went to Vince McMahon about masks not being worn backstage at the Performance Center. After that, a fining system was instituted. He is obviously not afraid to speak his mind.

While discussing the situation with Bleacher Report, Kevin Owens said that he feels comfortable touring with WWE again because he knows they will observe all precautions they can.

“I think I would be comfortable [touring in front of fans again] because I’ve been very vocal and very honest with WWE management as far as the virus goes and the measures we’re taking to try and keep it safe and stuff like that. When I wasn’t comfortable with the way things were, I voiced my concerns and they took it seriously and immediately tried to remedy the situation to make sure everyone felt comfortable, including myself. I feel good about how they try to handle everything.”

Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon have a good relationship. This is something Owens spoke about in the past. It wasn’t always 100% open, but at this point Owens can obviously express himself whenever the situation warrants it.

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