Retribution Member Describes Faction As A ‘Merciless Cult’

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Mustafa Ali revealed himself as the leader of Retribution this week on RAW. That was a big reveal, and there is plenty more to come. We’re just not sure what Vince McMahon will come up with next.

Click here for our exclusive on how long WWE was really planning Ali’s big Retribution reveal.

Retribution took part in some interesting social media activity last night. They collectively unfollowed Malcolm Bivens and followed Mustafa Ali. Mace also sent out an ominous message to describe their faction.

Merciless Cult

Retribution seems like a cult of frustrated Superstars. Mustafa Ali fits the bill perfectly as their leader. Now we can only hope that WWE will let this stable see what they can do with Ali in the driver’s seat.

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