New Jack Talks Being Taken Off WWE Show After Getting Booked For Dark Match

New Jack is a very controversial figure in pro wrestling. His violent tendencies are legendary and some people are hesitant to book him if they aren’t up on their insurance policy payments. WWE apparently booked New Jack for a match, and he showed up, but his name was taken off the lineup when word got around that he was there.

During his new podcast called New Jack’s Safe Space, he told a story about getting booked for a WWE event. When he showed up for a dark match there were some issues from the start. Dean Malenko told him to not speak to Vince McMahon for some reason, but New Jack didn’t listen to him.

“Dean Malenko, he told me, he said, ‘Jack, whatever you do, don’t speak to Vince McMahon.’

“He said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t speak to Vince McMahon.’ He said, ‘If you pass him in the hallway, don’t speak to him.’ I’m familiar with him [Dean Malenko] but I wasn’t friends with him. So, what I did when I saw Vince, he walked by, I was like, ‘Hey Vince! How you doing? I’m New Jack, thanks for the opportunity.’ ‘Oh no problem, you’re welcome. Good luck.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah!’ And I kept walking. I’m like now who in the f*ck told me don’t speak to this motherf*cker. F*ck him.”

The dark match didn’t go as planned either, because it didn’t happen. For some reason, New Jack’s name was marked off the board backstage. He was given his money and left without getting to wrestle for WWE.

“They wanted me to come up and do a dark match. ‘We never seen you before. We want the fans to see who New Jack is.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah… okay.’ So the kid I was working, I told him all this sh*t we was gonna do during the match, and he was like, ‘Jack, I’m with you, whatever you wanna do, whatever.’ The agent at the time, I think it was Arn Anderson.”

“He went back and told Vince [McMahon] all this sh*t I had done that he heard me talk about doing during my match and I walked past the board which had the names of who you’re working and what time, how long you got in the ring, whatever, whatever. I noticed my name was wiped off, and I was like, ‘Okay…’ So I went to him [Arn Anderson] and I said, ‘What’s going on?’ Y’all took my name off the f*cking board.’ He was like, ‘Well we got [something that changed]. Go get your money from Pat Patterson and we’ll be in touch.’”

“I’m like cool, f*ck it. I went and got my money, I went to a f*cking seafood bar, got me something to eat and said f*ck it. Went to a hotel, got some sleep, woke up the next morning, went and turned the rental car in and flew back to Atlanta.”

New Jack’s dark match in WWE didn’t work out, but at least he was able to speak with Vince McMahon for a second. He didn’t seem to let it bother him that his dark match was cancelled, but New Jack’s reputation in the pro wrestling business might have proceeded him a big.

Thanks to Post Wrestling for the quote

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