Alexa Bliss’ love life is the source of intrigue as so many WWE fans want to know who she associates with in her personal life. She recently drew some controversy for supporting her former fiancé Murphy’s new budding relationship with Aalyah Mysterio. There was a time when Bliss wasn’t allowed to date at all.

During an interview with, Alexa Bliss opened up about not being permitted to date when she was younger. She didn’t have a boyfriend until she was a senior in high school, and even then they were just allowed to go to the cinema.

Her desire to be noticed by the opposite sex drove her to get into Pokémon cards and skateboarding. She also ended up beefing it on her bicycle when she was trying to impress a boy named Cory who she was interested in.

“I wasn’t allowed to date growing up, I just wasn’t allowed. My parents didn’t let me date really. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until senior year of high school. I didn’t really go on dates. When you’re a senior in high school, where are you gonna go? We’d all go to the movies with our friends but I don’t really having any embarrassing one on one dates.”

“I would buy Pokémon cards because he had Pokémon cards, and I learned to skateboard because he skateboarded – silly little things. One time, I was riding my bike, right, and I saw Cory skateboarding next door, and I looked over at him and as I was waving I ran my bike into my dad’s parked car and just ate it! Not my best moment, but it definitely happened.’

Alexa Bliss seems to be happy with her boyfriend Ryan Cabrera. There was still a time when boys apparently didn’t notice her the way that she wanted them to. At this point a lot of those guys might be kicking themselves for not giving her as much time.

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