Melina is reportedly coming back to WWE. It’s not clear how long she will be around, but fans should expect her return soon. Booker T would love to see it happen.

Following reports of her WWE return, Melina spoke out and denied them. A lot of fans think she was “working” and denying the truth because she doesn’t want to ruin a big surprise. WWE doesn’t like for people to spoil big moments.

During his Hall Of Fame radio show, Booker T spoke about Melina. He would love to see her return and work with some of the women WWE has today. He praised Melina as well for being one of the best actors that WWE had at the time.

“I think the talent can definitely feed off of it. People can say what they want to say about the business, but some people bring it to life. Melina is one of those people that when she went out and performed, she brought it to life. When she was beating up those girls, you really felt the tension that was going down in the ring. It felt real. She was one of the best actors we had at that time. I say actors because that’s what we do – we go out and perform.”

“We try to do it to the level that we can suspend the imagination for the moment for the crowd. Melina could do it for the crowd, but she could do it for the guys in the back as well. Everybody respected her work and to see her back in the company, she can certainly be a beacon of light for those in the company that are trying to figure out what this thing is all about. I was showing someone a match the other day; it was Charlotte vs. Chelsea Green and it’s the perfect example of someone that knows what’s going on and has that experience vs. someone that still has a lot to do. You have that ring general taking charge and working to bring the lesser experienced one up to her level but you could still see that greenness and that there was still a lot of work to do. Same thing with Melina; she can work with these young girls to help them along.”

Melina’s reported return excited a lot of fans who remember what she was able to do a decade ago. Her recent appearances on NWA Powerrr also proved that she still has what it takes to succeed in the ring. We’ll just have to wait and see what WWE has in store for her.

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