MJF is Jewish and he’s spoken in the past about adversities he had to overcome due to antisemitism he encountered along the way. He has a way of dealing with hatred now and he’s not taking it anymore.

On Deck Integrated Communities tweeted out a fantastic message to MJF as they jokingly said: “Happy Rosh Hashanah to the Jewish community except for MJF who deserves to have a miserable new year.”

MJF replied in Hebrew with a tweet that roughly translates to “Blow me up.” Then one fan decided to reply to MJF with a threat to “shoot bitch slap” MJF. He also took a dig at MJF’s grandfather for “evading the gas chamber” which was an apparent reference to the Holocaust.

MJF’s grandfather may have just evaded the gas chamber but the boy MJF won’t evade my shoot bitch slap when I see him next week. Don’t worry, it will be recorded. beeetch gonna get his skull snapped back.

MJF saw this tweet and he fired back an insult at this troll’s profile picture. he also made it very clear that everyone will know this guy is a “skin head” now.

Based on your profile picture I can tell you are balding awfully fast and are trying to hide it.

However I have good news for you.

Now that everyone knows your a skin head you’ll no longer need to wear a hat! Congrats!

For some reason another fan chimed in and called MJF out for not being original by using a profile picture insult. MJF then shared some of the insult with this fan who was obviously avoiding or missing the point completely.

The troll’s tweet was deleted by Twitter. You can check out the tweets and screen shots below.

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