Ryback Calls Out WWE’s Money Hungry Ways Over Third Party Ban

WWE put forth a ban for all Superstars which said they can no longer take part in third party deals. It seems that Twitch is okay with permission, but Superstars must use their legal names.

Ryback saw what his former employer is making their Superstars do. He had to speak up about it during the Ryback Show. He called WWE out for being revenue hungry before brining up how the company takes so much more money from their Superstars than they need to.

He said that not only does WWE “whore” out their Superstars, but then they’re not properly paid for their services either.

“What they’re [WWE] doing? Obviously revenue is the name of the game. They have whored out these human bodies. We’ve talked about this before, they make money off of you all these other backend ways that you usually don’t get reciprocated for. Or, not reciprocated for nearly as well as you should be. Especially compared to other sporting agencies, entertainment agencies and things of that nature.”

“What they are doing? They don’t want mega stars. They don’t want people making a certain level of money where they’re comfortable leaving. Vince wants to keep every talent, male or female, working for them as long as humanly possible. As a business? Okay that’s fine. You want somebody working there as long as possible. The problem is? It’s all ass backwards how they treat people.”

“They do it by not paying them what they’re worth. First of all on the contracts, through the [actual] wrestling, and then on these other agencies [Cameo, Twitch etc] as they’re growing.”

“They’re going to take control. Everything Vince put out is all bullsh*t as far as ‘damaging the brand.’ This is all money. So what he was trying to do? People are now making a lot of money doing these other things. And he’s [McMahon] trying to find a way to control it.”

Superstars will likely be leaving Cameo on October 2nd unless they get special permission. WWE wants to either strike a team deal with Cameo or they want to start their own personalized video service. Either way, Ryback’s assumption that it is all about the money seems to be right on target.

Thanks to SE Scoops for the quote

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