Miro debuted on AEW Dynamite and he took a shot at WWE right out of the gate. Should he have waited?

The line about taking that brass ring and shoving it up their ass was given to Miro from Chris Jericho and he was shocked that was allowed to be said on AEW television. If you ask Booker T, he used his insult at WWE far too soon.

During the Reality of Wrestling podcast, Booker T spoke about Miro’s AEW debut. He said that Miro should have waited to take a shot at WWE. He said you only get one good shot and it was important to make it count.

“Yeah man, of course it was a big surprise to everybody. Will he make an impact? Of course because he was making an impact in WWE as far as Rusev Day. Fans were getting behind him at one point. The Bulgarian Brute when he first came up with Lana. He had a lot of momentum going so definitely I think he can be an asset to the company.”

“Then arriving the way he did during the COVID times, people were not expecting to see big-money players get shifted around. Then BOOM! He shows up so it’s definitely gonna be good for him and the company.”

“One thing I think he missed the boat on – and this is just me talking – going to AEW and first night, boom, jab at WWE. That’s alright but if you really wanna add fuel to the fire and you want the star to really shine bright, you start causing havoc before you leave the company. I always say that if they fire me at work then I’m breaking something on the way out [laughs]. I’m making noise and somebody’s gonna wanna sign me immediately. Then I come in and then I’m really talking major noise and just going all the way over the top. So, a moment was missed.

“For you young guys out there, there’s a moment and you only get it once. Then that moment – poof – it’s gone forever. It’s like a miracle; it just disappears.”

Miro didn’t take any shot at WWE this week on Dynamite. He only had a very short segment, but he was able to pump some iron on television and show off his physique.

Booker T has seen a lot in the pro wrestling world, and it’s always a good idea to listen to his opinion on things. We’ll have to see what’s next for Miro, but AEW is no stranger to taking multiple shots at WWE if they occasion presents itself.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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