Nia Jax Reacts To Fan Saying She Can’t Wrestle


Nia Jax is 1/2 of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and she isn’t afraid to take on haters. One fan tweeted out thinking that he was in the clear because he didn’t tag Nia Jax, but this fan obviously didn’t account for Jax’s social media skills.

This fan tweeted out “Nia Jax can’t wrestle. Pass it on.” He didn’t tag her, and it doesn’t appear that anyone “snitch tagged” Jax. She still found the tweet and replied in a sarcastic manner.

I’ll let her know

thanks for allowing me to stay rent free in your brain though. Have a great day!

Nia Jax has heard a ton of criticism through her life and she has spoken out in the past about bullies. She has obviously grown quite good at shutting down her haters even if they don’t intend for her to see what they say.

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