Chris Jericho doesn’t want to be called Y2J anymore and he has made it clear in the past. However, fans continue to chant “Y2J” at him during AEW events, much to his dismay.

On Saturday Night Special #21 (Transcription via Ringside News), Jericho lashed out at fans who chanted “Y2J” at him at ALL OUT last night. He called these people “f*cking a**holes” and said that not only is that nickname twenty years old but also uncool.

He said that fans should go for something else if they want to cheer for him or just boo him if they want. He said that these chants bugs him and if a fan decides to use it at him, he would just flip them off.

And by the way to the f*cking assholes who were chanting “Y2J” tonight, first of all, it’s twenty years old! They didn’t call me Y2J when I was in WWE, it is twenty years old! Don’t chant Y2J. It’s not cool. If you’re trying to cheer for me chant something else, if you’re trying to boo me just boo me. But Y2J is like oh my gosh, it’d be like going to see freakin’ Metallica and just chanting “Kill Em All”. It’s like, ‘yeah yeah yeah, we get it we’re glad you liked Kill Em All but we are here we are now on the Hardwired tour’. So quit chanting that, it really bugs me. So if you’re trying to get under my skin as a heel, you’re not helping the cause. So stop it. I’ll just do this to you (flips his finger).

A fan pointed out to Jericho that people tend to call him “Y2J” because think of that nickname when they think of Jericho. However, Jericho said that he hopes that people don’t do that because it would invalidate all of his work after that period of time.

He said that the Y2J era ended in 2005 and if fans still use it 15 years hence, they’re “out of whack”.

I hope not. That would tell me that everything I have ever done since then doesn’t mean anything. I had 15 other catchphrases and names and that sort of thing in WWE. I would say that the end of Y2J was basically 2005. So you’re 15 years out of whack, shall we say.

Jericho explained later on in the interview that when fans chant “Y2J” at him, they don’t help AEW or himself in any way and instead it leads to people thinking about WWE. Even so, he said that fans can chant whatever they want because they paid for the ticket.

Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a 20-year-old news contributor from India. He has been writing about pro-wrestling in particular since late 2015 and has not looked back since.

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