Renee Young is no longer with WWE. Near the end of her run with the company, Young tested positive for COVID-19. She revealed her positive status online, but WWE wasn’t happy about it.

The company told Superstars that they aren’t allowed to disclose the results of any COVID-19 tests. This came following Renee Young letting the world know that she tested positive for the highly contagious virus.

Renee Paquette, was a guest on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast where she admitted that her disclosure of testing positive for COVID-19 “was not well received.” She went on to elaborate as she explained what the company said to her.

“They weren’t even even like ‘You shouldn’t have posted it.’ But it was like, ‘We really wish you gave us a heads up that you were going to post it.’ It was bad for PR and whatnot. But again, I wouldn’t have even thought to be like, “Hey guys, I’m gonna tweet that I have COVID, ha, ha. Like, that was just not what I was thinking about when I posted about it.”

Renee Young was thankfully able to pull through coronavirus. Her husband Jon Moxley admitted that he was scared at the time. He even missed an AEW World Title defense out of precautionary reasons despite never testing positive for the virus.

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