Asuka made a name for herself in Japan prior to coming to WWE. She was called Kana back then, and her style changed a bit since then as well. There are a lot of differences that Asuka noticed.

Nikkan Sports recently spoke to the RAW Women’s Champion. She spoke a bit about how women’s wrestling is handled differently in America than it is in Japan. She was aware of those differences, and now she is in the United States fighting to continue the WWE Women’s Evolution.

“When I was in Japan, there weren’t many women coming to see me, so it was really nice to be a fan. At that time, I was conscious of trying to increase the number of fans who are watching male professional wrestling. The world of female professional wrestling is like a small village. I was thinking of getting the fans to be fans, and I thought that if they didn’t become happy players, they wouldn’t reach the level that would be accepted in the world.”

“I feel that athletes with good motor skills tend to be evaluated especially in Japan, but there is no point for being recognized in WWE. You can do such a thing, you can do that, alone in the United States I mean, it’s like if you are a fan of the world. It is important that you are fashionable and have a strong individuality. Of course, wrestling technology is necessary, but the atmosphere and humanity that attracts fans are important. WWE has wrestling technology and there are quite a few people who can move but are not popular at all. In Japan, people with careers are great, but here people are the most popular.”

Popularity and talent are not one in the same in America culture. Asuka can certainly see why popularity would drive a wrestler’s push. It doesn’t change how vastly different the two cultures view pro wrestling.

Asuka is now RAW Women’s Champion which gives her a greater opportunity to continue exhibiting her unique style of pro wrestling. WWE might have a different presentation and match psychology, but she will continue dealing with the differences between the two wrestling worlds.

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